Inti Raymi Tickets

Inti Raymi TicketsInti Raymi Tickets

Inti Raymi, the “Festival of the Sun”, is celebrated in Cusco every year on June 24th; where more than 200 thousand people come together to witness the most beautiful re-enactment of the most important festival of the Inca empire to celebrate the winter solstice. The solstice begins on the 21st of June, but according to a sundial used by the Incas, the sun stays some days in the same place before rising on the 24th of June. This day is acknowledged as the Inti Raymi!

The Inti Raymi is now the second largest festival on South America and for this reason you must book this tour well in advance.

Settings for the Inti Raymi Ceremony:

The celebration of the “Inti Raymi” on June 24th , in honor of the Sun God, is made in the three historic and natural sceneries:

  1. The “QORIKANCHA” or the temple of the Sun of the Incas; here the celebration begins at 9:00am and last for 45 minutes.
  2. The “Plaza de Armas”, “HAUQAYPATA” or the main square; in the time of the Incas this vast square was used for important ceremonies, which took place entirely in the great “ushnu” or ceremonial platform. The ceremony here begins at 11:00 and ends one hour later.
  3. “SACSAYWAMAN” .- it’s located at 2 kms from the city of Cusco at 3,560 masl. The name is in the ancient language used by the Incas (Qhechua). Here the ceremony begins at 13:30pm and is for 1:30 hours.

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