Where to buy Inti Raymi Tickets

Where to buy inti raymi tickets

Inti Raymi Tickets on line

Inti Raymi, the “Festival of the Sun”, is celebrated in Cusco every year on June 24th; where more than 200 thousand people come together to witness the most beautiful re-enactment of the most important festival of the Inca empire to celebrate the winter solstice. The solstice begins on the 21st of June, but according to a sundial used by the Incas, the sun stays some days in the same place before rising on the 24th of June. This day is acknowledged as the Inti Raymi!

The Inti Raymi is now the second largest festival on South America and for this reason you must book this tour well in advance.

How to choose which Inti Raymi Ticket to buy

The first thing you should know is that the Inti Raymi has 3 parts, the first two (Q’oricancha and Plaza de Armas) are public and do not have bleachers where the spectators can sit, that’s why we pick up our passengers early, in this way our groups can get a good location.

The Inti Raymi tickets are for the private part in Sacsayhuaman which is the final and main part of the Inti Raymi. Each ticket has printed:

  • Complete Name
  • ID N° (Passport)
  • Grandstand colour(Orange, Blue or Green)
  • Seat N°

There are three grandstand at Sacsayhuaman:

  1. Orange,
  2. Blue; y
  3. Green

La distancia de cada tribuna al escenario principal es:

  • Orange: 10 meters
  • Blue: 17 meters
  • Green: 25 meters

We suggest to buy at Orange grandstand.

Which Inti Raymi tickets is the economic?

Inti Raymi Ticket – Preferred Seating Green is the economic ticket

Where to buy the Inti Rayi tickets

You could buy trough a certified travel agency or tour operator as Madec Tours – PERU, we invite you to visit our page:  https://madectours.com/en/inti-raymi-tickets ‎where you could buy your tickets on line in a safe way.

How to print my Inti Raymi tickets

The reservation system of the Inti Raymi Tickets allows printing a few days before the celebration of Inti Raymi (15 days approximately), while Madec Tours – PERU once a customer makes a purchase sends a confirmation email and afterwards, we send to our customer a voucher of services with the data of the holder (s) of the Inti Raymi ticket (s), in the voucher the following information is consigned:

  • Complete name of the Inti Raymi ticket holder, with the preferred seating colour (green, orange or blue)
  • Holder’s hotel or meeting point
  • Pick up time
  • Box lunch type (regular or vegetarian)
  • Guiding language (use to be the same as your service voucher)
  • Contact information of the travel agency

When our transfer pick up our customer(s) will issue the(ir) Inti Raymi ticket(s), that a safety way for us to be sure our customer(s) don’t forget or loose the(ir) Inti Raymi ticket(s)

What to bring:

We suggest to all our customers to bring:

  • Hat or cape
  • Sun block (cream or spray)
  • Sun glasses
  • 01 extra water bottled
  • Snacks (dry fruit, cookies etc)
  • Long sleeve shirt or T-shirt
  • Tennis or walking shoes
  • Extra money – cash in local currency (Soles)
  • Personal medication
  • Camera with extra batteries and memory cards

More information:

You could send us all your questions here, our travel insiders will be happy to help you.

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