inti raymi tickets

Inti Raymi Tickets

Inti Raymi Tickeets

Where to buy Inti Raymi Tickets online?

The best place to buy Inti Raymi Tickets online is with a certified tour operator as Madec Tours, in this way you not only get fresh and useful information you will receive all the help and tips you need to plan your next Inti Raymi participation. For example, on 2019, the blue seating changes to red seating, this change was made at the last time if you use a certified tour operator as Madec Tours you will in touch and get the information on time and won’t surprised.

Once you made your booking you could make your checkout using all major credit/debit cards, we think on your safety and comfort for this reason use PayPal as a payment gateway, and our website has a SSL certificate, so your purchase and personal data are safe.

What happens with your booking/purchase on advance?

When you make a booking/purchase on advance, we – as your tour operator – will contact you and send a service voucher, this voucher has printed the quantity of tickets your purchase and your preferred seating color (orange, red or green), some additional information will be added as soon as you will give us (your hotel information, estimated pickup time, box lunch type -regular or vegetarian).

The Inti Raymi tickets will be printed some days before the Inti Raymi date – June, 24th – it’s depends by Inti Raymi organization, some years the Inti Raymi organization lets print the tickets the day before or if you print early and make some change – as your passport number – they apply a penalty for the change and to reprint the ticket. By this reason – to prevent extra charges – we monitoring our clients bookings and print their tickets on time, our tour guides will deliver the Inti Raymi tickets to our customers according their bookings.

Guaranteed Price

We guaranteed our price to all our customers, we know some of our customers as good travelers use to plan and make your booking on advance some times one or two years early, by this reason we work hard and do our best to guantee our prices and give the best service and keep in touch with all of them.

As a certified tour operator Madec Tours are under official supervision from the authorities of tourism in Peru in the same way as customer protection regulations, but the most important is that our company board use to honor their word.

What do you need to enjoy the Inti Raymi?

To enjoy the Inti Raymi you not only need your Inti Raymi official ticket, you need at least transportation but is not as easy as take/call a cab, for the Inti Raymi only authorized transportation can reach Sacsayhuaman to avoid traffic. The authorization is requested on advance according how many people has the tour operator in their groups.

Another issue is about the meals, there’s no meals to buy at the main stage of the Inti Raymi (Sacsayhuaman), so you need to bring some bottled water and snacks and/or something to lunch.

By this reason when Madec Tours sells an Inti Raymi ticket not only give the an official ticket to our customer, give all our customer need:

  • Inti Raymi Ticket,
  • Transportation, in regular/pool service,
  • Box lunch, regular or vegetarian; and
  • Official tour guide

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