Terms & Conditions

General terms and conditions of sale – use of the web portal, applications and / or web components

We put at your disposal the following terms and conditions that regulate the use of the web format for the acquisition of a tourist service, which is vitally important to be read carefully before contracting and / or proceed with the purchase.

We reserve the right to make changes at any time on our website www.madectours.com

  • The use of our web portal, applications and / or web components by our visitors (hereinafter User) certifies the full, direct and conscious acceptance of each of the provisions included in these General Terms and Conditions of Sale hereinafter it will be called GTCS.
  • Some of the services we offer from third parties have particular characteristics of the service (in Particular Characteristics) and as the case may replace or complement the GTCS. Many of these Particular Features may not be available in English, Madec Tours EIRL will always search that the information can be provided in this language, however, and when defined directly by the service provider, Madec Tours EIRL can not take the attribution of making a translation and At the same time, provide an interpretation on these own definitions.
  • The use, navigation and access to our web portal, applications and / or web components are free. However, the services we offer and / or commercialize are subject to a payment for such provision of services, Madec Tours EIRL may in some cases include an amount for such service or assistance, which will always be clearly indicated in the process of purchase.

1. Quotes and reservations paid

For services managed through the booking engine, the process will be immediate, both the collection and the generation of a reservation code, for quote services or budgeting, Madec Tours EIRL will assign a specialist in the destination that will attend your query in a time no more than 24 hours on business days.

  • When submitting a quote (budget based on request) Madec Tours EIRL sends the estimated price in US dollars. The amount to be paid is clearly detailed, which corresponds to the net rate + taxes established and the charge for the tourist service of intermediation of Madec Tours EIRL. Once this amount has been accepted, the client is responsible for managing the payment according to the indicated means.
  • Madec Tours EIRL will always seek to respect the prices until the issuance of tickets, vouchers or service vouchers, however, a rate variation may be presented which could no longer be in force by the providers who deliver this information, Madec Tours EIRL will use the mechanisms available to inform the passenger and / or registered user, the change in the referred price. We believe that the price will not change or change as long as the product or service is confirmed with payment of the same.
  • For your safety https://www.madectours.com could limit the maximum number of purchases and / or attempts that a user can make during the same day.
  • The purchase of tickets with a credit card is subject to the approval of the issuer of your card.

2. Privacy and personal data security policy

  • The access and navigation to our web Portal, applications and / or web components does not require prior registration. However, access to rates and / or special agreements for certain services will require a registration, the User is free to opt for registration or not; If you agree with the registry, Madec Tours EIRL will have appropriate forms for this purpose. Therefore, and in accordance with the provisions of Law No. 29733 on the Protection of Personal Data in Peru in compliance with the provisions of Article 10 of Decree 1377 of 2013, which is regulated by Law 1581 of 2012; in Colombia, the conformity of articles 15, 16 and 17, section I of the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data in Possession of Individuals is established; in Mexico and under the provisions of Law 172-13 on Protection of Personal Data,
  • The Registered User grants direct consent and consent to periodically receive electronic mailings with advertising, news, reminders, invitations to competitions, invitations to conduct surveys for the generation of statistics and other referrals to tourism and generated by https://www.madectours.com, as well as proposals of services or products offered by Madec Tours EIRL, in the same way Madec Tours EIRL will have necessary and clear mechanisms for a Registered User to unsubscribe from this service, for which Madec Tours EIRL could request a one-time survey to fill out a very small survey, consulting the reason of the request for withdrawal from the service.
  • Madec Tours EIRL declares that the personal information provided will not be delivered in use, commercialized, sold, rented or assigned in any way and that it will only be to maintain a communication with our Registered Users.

3. User responsibility

  • Madec Tours EIRL will take as information that entered by the User or Registered User at the time of making the reservation, considering that the Client has entered exactly the data (first name and first name) as they appear on their valid and current identity document (ID / DNI / Passport or Alien Registration Card).
  • The present information is expressed in American Dollars. The rate is subject to availability or until stock is depleted.
  • These conditions apply to the itinerary and travel date in accordance with the request and designated by the client.
  • The passenger is responsible for informing and / or entering the frequent passenger number for the accumulation of miles (previous registration on the airline’s website) which can only indicate up to one day before starting the trip, otherwise there will be no option to recover the lost miles.
  • It is an indispensable requirement to be of legal age for the acquisition of our services through the web portal.

It is the customer’s obligation to correctly fill out data and select dates, destinations and other specifications for the acquisition of the service, being absolved of any liability to Madec Tours EIRL for being a self-service web portal.

4. Documents required to make the trip

  • The client as a consumer and / or user of the service has the duty to inform himself about the documentation he might need to be able to make his trip according to the travel itinerary. It is requested to carry out the corresponding verifications in advance if you require a passport, visa, vaccinations, permits for minors or other document requirements for both the countries of destination and the countries of transit. In case of being a requirement, the client is responsible for managing them .
  • The process, management and obtaining of the visa (s), as well as transit visas, corresponding to visit a country (USA, Canada, England, among others) is the sole responsibility of the Client, therefore it is not may indicate as responsible to Madec Tours EIRL for problems that may suffer the Client to not have the documents under the conditions required by the relevant authorities.

5. For domestic trips

  • In the case of Peruvian passengers within the national territory, you must possess the national identity document (DNI), passport, current immigration card.

6. For international travel

  • You must present the Peruvian passport and / or foreign passport which must have a minimum validity of 06 months completing the trip. In the countries that belong to the Andean community (Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Uruguay) it is permissible to travel with the DNI.

7. Check-in / Boarding pass

  • The passenger is responsible for managing the check in, up to 2 hours before the departure of the flight, through the website of the airline, select seats in case the rate allows, then download the boarding pass which must present it at the airport, in order to simplify the check-up process at the airport counter.
  • If you have difficulty or simply can not do it can also be managed at the airport counter, for this it is reported that must be submitted 3 (three) hours before departure for international travel and 2 (two) hours before departure for domestic or national trips.

8. Vaccines

9. Travel insurance

  • It is a good practice to take out travel insurance as a contingency or aid outside the country, always taking as a consideration that a medical treatment abroad and of urgency and / or emergency can incur high costs.
  • Terms: The passenger must contact the emergency numbers to activate their assistance and identify themselves with the policy number found in the voucher. The insurer will provide the processes to follow according to your case, if any warranty letter is required, the delivery times vary between 24 and 48hrs because it is an internal procedure between the insurer and the medical establishment. There are exceptions in the coverage of the policy for the case of pre-existing diseases. (consult with the insurer). In some cases when the insurer indicates that it will proceed with the reimbursement of the expense made by the passenger, he must keep all the receipts of the expenses incurred in the service.
  • Change of date : You must contact 48hrs (02 days) before the beginning of the validity of the insurance. (check the office hours of our offices)
  • Reimbursement Request : Only applicable when requested to Madec Tours EIRL with 48hrs (02 working days) before the start of validity of this. The reasons accepted to process the reimbursement are only: Denial of Visa and Health Issues presented in emergency, which must present supporting documents.
  • In case of not acquiring : the traveler assistance card and / or travel insurance, Madec Tours EIRL is not responsible in case of problems that may arise before, during and after the trip. Leaving futures claims or reimbursement requests for expenses incurred due to a mishap and / or accident.

NOTE: For the destination of Galapagos, it is essential to have the assistance card issued in Ecuador, which must be purchased from the destination provider.

10. Travel of minors


  • Must possess judicial or notarial travel authorization from both parents. The authorization will be issued by the Consulate, this must be legalized by a notary.


  • The minor can make the trip only if he is with one of the parents, in case of not having either of the two parents, he must proceed with the aforementioned documentation.

The validity of the permit for both cases must begin at least 15 days before the trip. In all cases it is only valid for a single trip.


  • The airlines are the only ones that establish the age limits so that they can make the trip, as well as those who establish whether or not it is necessary to purchase unaccompanied minor service as a requirement to board the plane, considering the availability with which be counted on this service. It is recommended to make the necessary consultations for this special service.

11. Air ticket information

  • The user is responsible for selecting the itinerary (destination) and dates of travel, as well as the correct filling of data of the person who will use the ticket .
  • Once the purchase of the air reservation is generated, a summary will be sent with the data of the itinerary, data and the regulations / restrictions that apply for its tariff.
  • It is recommended at least 01 hour of connection between international sections within the same airline. For cases of flights operated by different airlines, the minimum time is 3 hours.
  • Rates may vary depending on the length of stay. Minimum of stay can be from a weekend that includes Saturday night and maximums up to 12 months.
  • Generally the economic rates do not allow Stopover, it is recommended to consult what rates allow it.

12. Request invoice

  • For reservations generated by https://www.madectours.com the user is responsible for entering the number. of RUC correct before finalizing the purchase as well as the identity document with which you will make the trip.
  • For reservations generated through the Benefit Program on the Interbank Benefit Platform, it is declared that, according to article 4 of the Preliminary Title of the Defense and Consumer Protection Code, this service only applies to end users and not to corporate users, so it will not be applicable for passages acquired using this medium.
  • It is detailed that the presentation of an air ticket represents a tax support as a sales receipt.

13. Correction of data in your reservation

  • Once the purchase of the air reservation is generated, a summary will be sent with the data of the itinerary, data and the regulations / restrictions that apply for its rate.
  • It is recommended to verify the reservation data in order not to present major problems in the shipment.
  • If it is determined that it is necessary to correct some important information on booking (First name / First Name / No. Of document / correct date Travel / Destination wrong trip, etc.) is expected to generate payment expense service issuance of US $ 15.00 per passenger , which must be made before the issuance of the reservation.
  • In the event that the Client and / or Registered User does not wish to make such payment, the reservation will be issued with the data originally entered, remaining the sole responsibility of the passenger in case of any inconvenience at the time of boarding the flight.

14. Change policy on your air ticket

  • The tickets are subject to different regulations and restrictions according to the rate purchased.
  • In case your rate is promotional, many of them do not allow any type of change and / or refund. Consult with your travel advisor.
  • In case your fee if you allow to make date changes should be considered; the availability with the new date, the payment of penalties and / or tariff differences in case the new rate is higher than the current one.
  • Additionally, Madec Tours EIRL will charge a fee for service for the provision of its intermediation services in this change .
  • We have a schedule to make changes: Monday through Friday 9am to 4pm.
  • In the case of generating a NO SHOW (means passenger does not appear on the flight) loses the totality of the ticket by regulations of the airline, holding the user exclusively liable.
  • To make date changes for medical reasons, it is essential to present the Medical Certificate of the MINSA and a formal request in writing, which will be presented to the airline for the previous evaluation and final result. The result is provided only by the airline.
  • Route changes are not allowed by airlines.
  • Change of name is not allowed to Madec Tours EIRL, the user must manage it directly with the airline.

15. Refund policy for your air ticket

  • Most of the promotional economic passages are not reimbursable, transferable or endorsable.
  • The rates that do allow reimbursement, should be considered the payment of a penalty and administrative costs of Madec Tours EIRL which will be informed when requesting a refund.
  • To make reimbursement for medical reasons, it is essential to present the Medical Certificate of the MINSA and a formal request in writing, which was presented to the airline for the previous evaluation and final result. The result is provided only by the airline.

16. Cancellation policy on air tickets

  • Costamar.com informs you that by virtue of the rule of article 3 of Law 19,496 on Consumer Protection, you have provided that, in the remote purchases made by our intermediary, does not operate the right of withdrawal.
  • However, you can only request the cancellation of the purchase on the same day that you generated the reservation, after which time it is not applicable and it should be governed according to the conditions of the contracted service.
  • In most cases, Madec Tours EIRL will not charge a commission for the cancellation service, however, each service provider maintains its own cancellation policies, which are communicated and visible to the user prior to the completion of the purchase process.
  • If the Client does not take a service previously agreed on a date, time and form, he can not hold Madec Tours EIRL liable for the actions taken by the service provider. Under this scenario, any request for reimbursement may not be received.

17. Reprograms and / or cancellations in air tickets

Madec Tours EIRL is not responsible for the changes without prior notice caused by the operator or airline before, during and after the trip (reprogramming and / or cancellations due to technical factors of the airline or weather).

  • For these cases, airlines can often present protection options which will be offered directly to the user and / or passenger; being at your disposal to accept it or not, otherwise you could request the refund of the purchased ticket. After that there will be no retraction and / or desist the accepted.
  • If the passenger loses or does not show up for the flight and is not notified to the airline, the reason why it can not be presented, the user and / or passenger assumes all responsibility in case of losing the total value of the ticket.
  • Madec Tours EIRL explicitly states that it acts solely as an intermediary between the travelers and the entities or persons called to provide the services that appear in the itineraries.
  • We recommend you to re-confirm with the airline directly 72 hours before departure.

18. Baggage policy allowed

  • The Client is solely responsible for the custody of their luggage and documentation.
  • Many rates DO NOT allow hold luggage. When making the purchase, an agent will contact you to provide more information about the baggage allowance allowed in the purchase made. If you are not sure of it, you can enter the airline’s website or contact us by email.
  • For the cases in which the rates apply only hand luggage, these must comply with the established standards and dimensions, in case of excess weight and / or size, an additional fee stipulated by the airline is added. 
  • The user must consider the dimensions of the allowed luggage and the restricted items to carry, for greater detail, the user should verify the information directly on the airline’s website.

19. Airlines with LOW COST rates

  • Currently in the market there are airlines known as Low Cost or Low Cost, the main feature of this type of service is to offer low prices compared to traditional airlines, for it the Low Cost airlines offer travel service at an economical price However, the services of printing of boarding, seat selection, feeding in flight are not included in the final price and in case the client requests those services he must make an additional payment.
  • In addition to this there are very strict policies regarding baggage policies, which many of them do not allow hold luggage and restrictive kilograms for hand luggage.
  • Some rates for domestic flights in Peru are exclusive for Peruvians or residents with an immigration card. In other countries they have similar rules. We advise you to consult your travel consultant.
  • We recommend to always see the regulations of the selected rate to know what is included or not included in the service.

20. Conditions of tourist packages

In addition to what is included in the general requirements, the following should be considered:

  • Prices are expressed in US dollars with their equivalent in soles according to Law No. 29571.
  • Referential exchange rate S / 3.40.
  • Prices are per person based on double room.
  • Prices Not valid for groups.
  • Rates do not allow refunds and can not be transferred to other passengers.
  • Like the conditions that regulate the provision of air services, the manner of proceeding and the terms that apply in case of cancellations or cancellations due to withdrawal or change of consumer decision are also determined by the final suppliers. Therefore, we request you can verify before booking, remember that there are services that do not admit, changes, or cancellations (cancellations) and others that, although they could admit it, condition their origin to the payment of a penalty.
  • Rates subject to availability or until stock is depleted.
  • Foreign services are inactive to the VAT, to request invoice must add the corresponding tax (VAT).
  • Minimum stock 02 double packages per exit.
  • Air and hotel reservations confirmed.
  • The transfers are in regular service.
  • Tickets and vouchers will be delivered 48 hours before the departure date.
  • Rates, queues and taxes are subject to change without prior notice until the day of issuance.
  • Madec Tours EIRL only act as intermediary between local and international providers and are responsible only for the organization of the purchased tours.
  • We are not responsible for any damage or delay arising from circumstances beyond our control (whether fortuitous, force majeure and any loss, damage, accident or any other irregularity that may occur to the end user).

21. Process of cancellation and reimbursement of tourist services

  • You must verify if the acquired service applies to be reimbursable. As not everyone has the possibility of being reimbursed according to the established policies, this information has to be confirmed with your sales consultant.
  • To start the refund request process, you must first cancel the service 30 days before the start of the trip; in this case the refund will be subject to a penalty on the contracted price as well as administrative expenses.
  • In case the cancellation is made outside the 30 days of anticipation, the penalty will be considered at 100% , that is, no refund will be considered.
  • The user has a period of 15 calendar days after canceling the service in order to submit in writing all the documentation that justifies or supports the request, in addition to being signed by the Customer who made the purchase, after this period of time and under No case will be accepted any refund request.
  • Once the sale is closed, any modification and / or correction is subject to a 10% penalty of administrative expenses + air fare difference taking into account the availability of spaces for the new travel date.
  • Certain services may be interrupted or canceled due to weather conditions, reasons of force majeure and others beyond the control of hotels, airlines, suppliers or associates. No refund will be granted as a result of these interruptions or cancellations beyond our control.
  • If the form of payment was made with a credit card, the refund will be made in this way.
  • If the form of payment was made by a deposit or in cash, the refund will be made through a check payable to the acquiring person.
  • The average time that this procedure takes is 30 to 60 working days (do not consider weekends or holidays)
  • The hours of operation to perform the refund process is Monday through Friday 9am to 4pm.


  • If the reimbursement is due to death or illness, the medical certificates and / or original death certificates must be attached, which must be scanned in addition to the request of the purchasing person, you can also attach any other documentation to support the reason.

22. Services offered, commitment and responsibility of https://www.madectours.com

Through our platform https://www.madectours.com is presented as an online travel agency which plays the role of intermediary between the registered user and the contracting of the services of the airlines, hotels and other tourism service providers that operate with us. We inform you about their characteristics or conditions, we manage your requests for reservations and purchases, we collect the values ​​corresponding to the prices and we support you in the search for solutions when you have a concern or an inconvenience. airlines, hotels and other tourism service providers are the ones who transport and house consumers, their families and their luggage.

Madec Tours EIRL is not responsible for acts of fortuitous event or force majeure, weather phenomena that arise before or during the development of services in a way that complicates the total or partial execution of these, as well as changes in schedules, cancellations and / or reprogramming of flights, cruises, trains, buses, however, as we have indicated in the previous paragraph and as intermediaries that we are, Madec Tours EIRL will offer all the help so that the User or Registered User obtains a solution as far as it can apply the criteria of our operators

The rates displayed on our web portal, applications and / or web components for each type of service offered are according to the provider and include taxes and other applicable taxes or charges, which will be detailed according to the information provided, commission or other charges may be applied and will always be visible and clear to the User or Registered User.

Madec Tours EIRL reserves the right to process or not any service sale operation, which results from being an alert and / or suspected fraud attempt, Madec Tours EIRL has its own fraud prevention system that evaluates operations and / or online transactions. In the event that an operation is considered risky, other payment options will be presented to the User or Registered User.

23. Complaints and / or complaints

In Peru Madec Tours EIRL has a Claims Book available in a virtual way and in its different customer service areas, in accordance with the provisions of the Consumer Protection and Defense Code of Peru.

To file a complaint and / or complaint the procedure is as follows:

  • The consumer can send his claim to the e-mail customercare@madectours.com   It is recommended to attach the backup copy immediately, explaining what happened and formulating in clear and simple terms the solution you want. This way you can review your case more quickly and efficiently.
  • https://www.madectours.com, will analyze the claim, and will respond to the same email address of the consumer within a period of 30 working days from the receipt of the information. If you require a longer period to gather background information or more information, you will be informed by specifying the additional term.
  • If the review of the background appears appropriate to receive all or part of the claim, Madec Tours EIRL so inform and send the corresponding Certificate of Conformity, which is the document which will record the conditions of the agreement and assignments of passenger rights or Customer. The foregoing, notwithstanding that https://www.madectours.com offers the Client or passenger an alternative solution different from the requests made.
  • If from the review of the background it appears as Not Present, it will be clearly justified with the corresponding documentation.
  • If the passenger or Registered User agrees with the Madectours EIRL proposal, they must sign the corresponding Certificate of Conformity .

24. Payment by credit card

  • The purchase of tickets with a credit card is subject to the approval of the issuer of your card.
  • Madec Tours EIRL has the highest security standards for online transactions, our Risk Control and Fraud Prevention system that receives updates every 4 hours that seek to provide security, in case our service issues an alert regarding your payment with Madec Tours EIRL credit card through a specialized consultant will ask the client to please provide us with a copy of your credit card on both sides as well as the identity document of the holder of the same, and we will ask you to send us the information from the account of email associated with your credit card, we will give you some scopes of the email account that the system reports as an associate of being available in the system.
  • This process is an additional security means to safeguard your information, we also remind you that the conversation between our adviser and you will always be recorded. All this process in order to enable the transaction in the system, in case the client does not want to send these documents Madec Tours EIRL will not be able to enable the transaction in the system and will request the exportation of the same, as well as the cancellation of the contracted service.
  • When the passenger and / or registered user enters the data of their account or card and accepts the transaction, this authorizes the charge for price and / or rate, and the payment of the charge for our service. If you make a purchase in installments by means of a credit card, keep in mind that: a) The charge for our service is applied in the first installment; b) Interest, taxes, commissions or other charges that may arise from purchases in installments by credit card will depend on the conditions that the consumer has agreed with each bank or card issuer. We recommend that you inquire about the conditions of use and interest of your credit card before using the modality of purchase in installments.

25. Service cut / suspension

  • Madec Tours EIRL regularly maintains its servers, however, we can not be held responsible for the unavailability of certain services or online connections with our service providers.

26. Routes outside Peru

  • If a client acquires an air ticket on a route leaving Peru abroad and then reserves an internal route in another country, the latter must be added to the general sales tax of Peru (IGV) by tax regulation.

27. Brands, logos and suppliers

  • Any brand, logo and / or name of provider that are displayed on our web portal, applications and / or web components, are used solely for informational purposes and are the property of their respective owners or the owner of the intellectual property right.

28. Discoveries https://www.madectours.com

  • The Discoveries section in our web portal, applications and / or web components, show all those rates that other Users or Registered Users found when conducting a search process, always seeking to provide more information store those searches and show them to other Users or Registered Users taking into consideration routes and dates for a faster reference.
  • These discoveries may vary according to the availability of the spaces of each airline and may not always be available, however, our commitment is to keep an updated record of it.
  • These discoveries can not be considered as misleading advertising because it is always made clear that they are not available rates but rates found by other Users or Registered Users that can be used as a reference.

29. Advertising notices and / or promotions Madectours EIRL

  • We respect your privacy and your data, we will only send information that may be of your interest and complying with our Data Protection Policy.
  • The notification services are free and like the email, you can unsubscribe at any time, you can request your disaffiliation to the service via email at info@madectours.com or with the hashtag #Remover responding to the WhatsApp message or from the option Remove in emails or disable push messages from your own internet browser.
  • If you change your mind, you can also sign up again at any time.


If you do not agree with these general terms and conditions of sale (which are mandatory), you must refrain from using our web portal, applications and / or web components.

We put our Cookies Use Policy and Data Protection Policies at your disposal. Sincerely, Costamar Group